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We offer synthetic turf systems that are built to withstand the elements throughout the year.

Synthetic grass is massively popular! Whether installed as part of a school playground or as part of your own outdoor space, the right artificial grass installation can withstand years of use.

What's more, it's low maintenance, and it'll be able to withstand buckets of rain and weather as the months go by.

Think about how much time, effort and money you have to put into looking after everyday lawns and pitches.

Surely you could cut back on a lot of this with some incredible synthetic turfing?

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Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf is seen as a huge step forward if you look to cut back on costs, either from a domestic or a commercial standpoint.

There will no longer be a need for you to mow or trim your lawn, and you can rest easy when the rain starts coming down.

Our synthetic turf solutions are well-equipped to handle weather throughout the year. As a result, your turf will never grow, and you'll never have to handle dead or dry patches.

The reason we decided to get artificial grass was that the grass was not growing good. Patches, weeds, uneven, and my husband turns 60 years old this year and wanted to make life easier for him.

My granddaughter can play safely and do her gymnastics as it is soft, not jaggy on the skin. Good quality, which is reflected in the price.

For maximum convenience and cleanliness, an artificial grass installation in Mount Pleasant DE11 9 will really work hard for you.

Our nearby synthetic turf pitch installers will be with you whenever and however you may need us. In need of a complex turf design? Interested in trying out 3G pitch technology?

Think about how slippy and dangerous fields can be.

Over years of use, traditional pitches and lawns can become bumpy and uneven. What's more, there are likely to be more divots and pitfalls popping up along the way.

The best way to beat these issues is to completely relay your lawn or pitch with a fantastic artificial solution.

Sports Artificial Grass

Sports artificial grass has been the standard for many football teams and sports clubs up and down the UK for some time now.

3G pitches are very popular with league teams, and you'll even find local schools and nearby sports facilities taking up the standard.

But what are 2G and 3G sports pitches good for?

While we always advise you to use your imagination, here are just some of the more popular sports and activities that stand to benefit from being played on multi-function courts and surfaces.

  • Football - 3G pitches are ideal

  • Tennis - set up a synthetic grass court to capture that particular bounce

  • Golf - why not use turf to build synthetic putting greens?

  • Bowls - set up a flat, maintenance-free surface.

  • Rugby - union or league, set up a synthetic pitch with plenty of grips and length.

You can also set up MUGA or multisports courts on artificial surfacings such as needlepunch surfacing

This is where you'll be able to encourage visitors to use one court or zone for many different hobbies and activities.

Artificial Leisure Grass

Artificial leisure grass is a fantastic choice for anyone, domestic, residential or commercial, who likes the idea of green space. Still, it doesn't necessarily have the funds or the time available to undertake much maintenance.

The leisure turf is soft, simple and can be enjoyed by people of all ages from all walks of life. This surfacing won't ever grow unruly – it won't grow at all!

As the closest experts and engineers, many firms and homes have across our surrounding areas. We are here to help support thousands of people in finding their perfect artificial grass installation.

Installation and setup are surprisingly simple!

If we cannot fix up turf for you within a day's work, we will always set expectations accordingly.

Leisure grass is a great idea for office courtyards, school grounds and residential homes. No reaction to weather or environment means you'll get a real evergreen look all year round.

Synthetic turf will look fantastic in the sun, the rain and the snow.

It can be a fantastic diversion in a commercial environment and a welcome change of pace for residential areas.

What's more, we are proud to be able to provide and install artificial turf in Mount Pleasant DE11 9 for nurseries, athletics clubs, public gardens and more besides.

Our flexible and talented team always love a challenge!

Why not get in touch with a bespoke or custom project today? We'll be more than happy to take a closer look you at your ideal garden plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Synthetic Grass

Here are some popular questions about the installation of synthetic grass surfaces:

How Do You Install Synthetic Grass?

These are the main steps to follow when installing synthetic grass:

  • Remove about 4 inches of your existing lawn.

  • Prepare your base by evenly spreading 4 inches of class 2-road base.

  • Lay your turf by rolling out your new artificial grass.

  • Cut your synthetic grass according to your desired area.

  • Secure the perimeter of your grass to the ground.

  • Spread the infill properly.

  • Use a stiff bristled broom to brush the infill.

Can You Install Artificial Grass On Dirt?

If you're placing artificial grass atop well-draining soil, you'll have little to no problems. This is because synthetic grass drains beautifully.

Install an efficient drainage system if you're working on top of poorly draining soil.

A timber surround can also be used to anchor artificial grass with edging. It's possible to make this an attractive feature in your yard, or you can simply put it underneath the area where you want to lay the grass.

Artificial grass won't turn brown, making it excellent for shady places where genuine turf fails to grow.

It is much more weed resistant than natural grass so weeds are less likely to grow through artificial turf than real turf.

It is extremely long-lasting, with a normal use life expectancy of around 15 years.

How Does Artificial Grass Drain?

There's no need to be concerned about water drainage with artificial grass; it drains water as well as regular grass, if not better in some circumstances.

Water drains directly into the aggregate foundation below through these perforations. Artificial lawns, in comparison to natural lawns, dry very quickly as a result of this.

Synthetic Garden Grass in Mount Pleasant

Speaking of gardens, consider how much of a relief synthetic garden grass may be for everyday use!

If you can't stand getting the lawnmower out or fancy a lawn that you can look out on from season to season (without any of the fuss), do think about the benefits of an artificial lawn.

Synthetic garden grass fitted by local experts will arrive at local prices.

With the support of a nearby firm and installers, you won't have to wait too long or have to pay too much to get your garden completely replaced.

Looking for an artificial turf installation near me? We're the team you should speak to first.

All-Weather Artificial Grass Surfacing

All-weather artificial grass surfacing in Mount Pleasant DE11 9 is perfect for sports and other events as it simply won't get slippy underfoot.

Our amazing supply is built to last, and what's more, it is specifically designed for extended wear and tear.

Whether you choose to resurface a lawn or want to renovate your football pitch completely, we'll be there with cost-effective surfacing and turfing you can rely on.

What's more, the quoted price will be the price you rely on for the whole project.

Find out more about the costs here:

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